Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Ache©

I ache

For the stillness of time

That doesn't seems to be going any faster

Its' dark reflection upon this earth

Brings out the scorpion in me

I want to rant and rage

Curse and speak my mind

I want to cry and scream

But the scorpion in me

Ceases to retaliate

I ache

For you and for me

For the things I'd want to say

For the depth of my energy

Flowing through your nothingness

For the love I bestow

But it passes you evidently

I ache

For the lover in me

And the emptiness in you

For the tears I cry for you

Because you can't see through

Nothing that's really visible

Your eyes only see what's tainted

Oh how I wish you'd see you through my eyes

I ache

For the love you once knew

For the trust you built

Yet it all burnt down

Yes!!! I confess

I'm sorry for treating you the way I do

I'm sorry for the knife I plunged right through your dieing yet fearful heart

Making you numb to another human being

Yes!!! I confess

I'm sorry for the heartaches and pain

For the stones that I throw

For the lies that you swallow

For that I ache more than ever

Even now I ache

In pity

In shame

I'm sorry!!!