Thursday, July 22, 2010

Your Love©

You're loving me from
Winter to spring
Summer to fall
Every season we grow
The way we flow
Like pianos rhythm

Your love bestow
Shines through like poetic words
Writing our love with
Pens that fit your fingers

We build love bridges
So we can climb
And face our fears
Together enduring loves pressure

Your love takes me high
So high
Above the mountains
I wish for everytime
You make my heart quiver
I would cum quicker
Drown in your ecstasy

You're loving me
The way your body speaks to mine
Fingers leaves evidence of love making
Like tongue licking on shoulders
and teeth marks on neck
bringing out the vampire that we possess

You feed me
You need me
You make me lyrically numb
Because your love makes me dumb

A love so true
Makes it unexplainable to fathom
When heart
Meets heart
That's the only explanation needed
Your love........

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Friday, July 16, 2010

11 Ways©

11 ways to say I love you
like 11 languages
speaking your name
pronounced like ecstasy
taking trips to galaxy's

11 ways to go deep
sinking fingers deep into skin
leaving marks that will forever be
sweat devour
screaming your name in different octaves

11 ways to kiss your lips
till it's swollen sick
intertwine beneath the candle light
savouring thoughts
while the star cums 11 ways with us

11 moans to hear
when you go slow
and I go fast
speed up the pace
like we are on the race track

11 poems to write
tracing every ink to your body
recreating history
like philosophers addiction to words

11 ways to fall for you
each moment intoxicating and new
energies dialog cryptic messages
only we fathom
like thieves on a crime scene

Even though I'm 11 years young
and you're 11 year's older
we merge like century's
enticing you with my reggae rhythm
and me with your acoustic soul

11 words to describe the way I do
but it will take 11 decades
just to be with you

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson