Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Our Eyes©

In her eyes
I conquer her world
Penetrating deep like no other

I touch the depth of her soul
Like fire to wounds
Conjuring fantasies
That becomes real
Cause her eyes depict only pain
that lasted years and years

I release her pain with
Words of truth
open her soul to how I love
Actions relive
Love understood

In her eyes
I'm number one
Suffocating me with her love
Breaching every law
illegally finding our truth
Our minds engrossed
To find this love
This love is special

In my eyes
She's my mystery
I was bound to love
Her reflective spirit
Flow deep from generation's tale
Encompassing knowledge to my truth
In our eyes
As we obey love's laws
We mirror love's love with no bounds

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beauty Taste Like©

Beauty tastes like sweet sex
On a rainy night
Candles burning their skin away
Lights beaming on our naked bodies
As we raise the temperature
Slippery wet skin meeting for the first time
That is beauty
In the eyes of the beholder

Beauty tastes like
Sweet poetry
Engulfed in the way it presents itself
And your spoken words
Penetrates me
Like metamorphosis stages

I taste beauty in the way you love me
For better or for worse
We link our beauty
And portray it as literature
So we can reminisce when the night gets cold

Beauty tastes like
Licking the canvas from the paint
I corrected
Cause I painted a perfect picture of you
And that is beauty
Potent even; the way your eyes
They sink through me
Taking in every aspect of my beauty
Blushes escape

Your beauty shines through in every form
Even with knitted brows
From  the internal to external part of you
your beauty tastes like.....

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Season©

I'm longing for a season
where equality is free
so that we could walk naked
but not naked to face life sentences
where politicians would understand that living in war
was not what we signed up for

A season of bliss and promiscuity
with sun ray's lightening the skin that you detest the most
with curious minds
that divulge in iniquity
because that's your sanity

Seasons where me and my partner can hold hands
on this Jamaican land
swap kisses on the beach
lavishly professing our love
without being scorned
like disease on death's bed

I long for a season
where pedophiles open their souls
and have pity on the kids who made their cock sing
at least a season for the rapists too
This is my plea

A season of love's love
running down my skin
where we could eventually see eye to eye
and sex was not on schedule

This season I want to love you immensely and hate you the next
because our love in reality
is nothing like in our dreams
we love interchangeable
that's how we define it

But with this changing season
lets just bask
you and me

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Battle With Love©

There is a battle with love that I can't win
And even when seasons change
Love shows its face
With that obvious tear in the middle

They say love remains the same
Is it
Or our combined despisement
That deter us from going in the right direction
Even the places we visit
Shows love in a different term
Like oblivious folks who mix T H E R E for T H E I R

Well I need love there
Where ever there may be
To guide my being into
Something significant

I need it here
So I can feel love
so we can sift through our baggage
that suffocates us 

There is this battle with love
That I can't win
It makes me hide my sense of self
So that you can't prey into this useless soul 
How you make me feel
Cause then u'll win
And I lose
That's something this foolish heart won't take

There is this battle with love
That WE can't win
Cause we are mentally derailed
Like two broken chairs
Setting in the corner
Mumbling I don't care

So how can we win
When it's
Who won't let love in

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Sunday, October 24, 2010

24 hours

24 hours of you
Just 24 hours I have, so I will cherish it with you

No tears please
This is not good bye
But the beginning of who we are in this time
All we got is now

If 24 hours is what we got
I wish they would cut it in 1/4 and stretch it like elastic bands
Cuz being with someone like you should take forever

No 24 hours is not enough
How I can fight to make you stay
I lied we should at least shed a little tears
Cause I will miss you when night turns into day
And u'd have to go away from me

I can't have enough of you in 24 hours
But it's what we got
So penetrate the best part of me
so u'll stay permanent
Like tattoo to skin

If we take long walks
Dig up graves where we bury our memories
We may never meet again
So lets reminisce on what we had
Lets wear this promise ring

See you have to go
And even though I don't know where
This is what we got now
So let us spend it with scented candles
and running river by the park
It's the last time I'll see your smile
Smell your skin
And bask in ur eternity
So as 24 hours comes to an end
Wishful thinking sinks in
Because this is the last night....

Inspired by "If Tonight is My Last. By Laura Izibor"

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Master©

I'm trapped by your chains
the way you punish me
love soaring in
makes insanity permeates 

I submit myself to you
like congress
i'm sworn into you
My Master

My Master controls every turning point of my being 
when thoughts come gushing down
roaring like a lion
and pussy pulsates
my Master takes the rein
controlling me once again

I release my energy over to you
I relinquish every power
vulnerability clock activates
There is no room to retaliate 

Ohhh my master
I wait for the day to relinguish all my juices
inside you
let it flow like days of rain
and rock like thunder
head pushes back
reaching for the heavens

Creating fuck storms between legs
Pussies slapping like crazy
Over wetting sheets
engrossed in illegal sex
that can't be written
merge like one
explode like i'm having an epiphany
fire flowing through me
like exorcism in progress

I won't be exile from this sweet torture
I won't beg
until then I'm all hers

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Torturous Venom©

She sways her hips rhythmically
Like an egotist

She's like a
Torturous venom
One you can’t touch
Nor feel

An authoritarian
With a voice sounding like melodies
They worships her every being
Like sand to a sea
They beckon to be apart of her ocean

This torturous venom
Breaks heart
Intentionally seduces
Weak pussies
That can ride her face
From dusk till dawn
Without penetrating the souls
Of the unknown

She's begging for someone to tickle her fancy
But not ruin her controlling demeanor
Someone who she can manipulate in bed
Controlling their pussy
Making it hers to keep

This torturous venom
Met her match
One who silently intrudes
Upon her shrewd persona
One who fucked her mind
Mentally sucking her brain from reality
Fucked her fancy
Making her vulnerability struck
Heights and rivers
Only this disclaimer could endure

This disclaimer was a scorpion
She uses her tail
To elude that torturous facade
Having her whipped ass
Lapping up her pussy juices
Punishing her body
Creating new mysteries

She was possessed
By the jealous scorpion
That cunningly wraps her
Under a spell she wish
She could resurrect from
She’s a victim of a torturous venom

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson