Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Master©

I'm trapped by your chains
the way you punish me
love soaring in
makes insanity permeates 

I submit myself to you
like congress
i'm sworn into you
My Master

My Master controls every turning point of my being 
when thoughts come gushing down
roaring like a lion
and pussy pulsates
my Master takes the rein
controlling me once again

I release my energy over to you
I relinquish every power
vulnerability clock activates
There is no room to retaliate 

Ohhh my master
I wait for the day to relinguish all my juices
inside you
let it flow like days of rain
and rock like thunder
head pushes back
reaching for the heavens

Creating fuck storms between legs
Pussies slapping like crazy
Over wetting sheets
engrossed in illegal sex
that can't be written
merge like one
explode like i'm having an epiphany
fire flowing through me
like exorcism in progress

I won't be exile from this sweet torture
I won't beg
until then I'm all hers

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

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