Monday, September 20, 2010

I Wait©

I wait for the essence of mountain dew
To drip on our flesh
As we make love on the deck
Bodies rocking
As the board makes noises
Begging us to cum
So that it can rest in peace

I wait
For the rivers to run deep
as we go deep beneath
what we feel
falling freely just to be
in space and time
complete us

I wait for the touching of fingers
Like the sun waits for morning to lighten clouds
Fingertips on lips
Eager for long last kisses that we miss

I wait for lingering kisses along necks
As we explore each other
Like an artist with paints
As we sing melodies
And whisper secrets
Only we share

I wait for the ripping of sheets
And the slaps on ass
To create the sound that we make
As we fuck our way to heaven
Marking walls
Screaming on top of our lungs
Because we don’t give a fuck

I wait for the night to end
As we cuddle without words
Embracing the moment
Until I wait again 

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

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