Monday, September 20, 2010

The way©

The moment your skin touches my skin
The way your melancholy fragrance entice me
disturbing my mental
Perplexities beyond measure
Arousing sexual grievances
Because your pussy misses mine

Our love bound by one and acceptable by few

Nourish me with your love
you won't ever be
The bane of my existence
because when I look into your eyes
I see what's beyond
Mere fear of loving
Fear of forgiving
Fear of losing you within me

You satisfy me
With just one simple touch
When your kiss caress my kiss
And nose tingles ears
The way you look at me
Our soul permeates

The way we connect without words
Our minds elevates
As we climb higher with loves grace
We shine bright on dark days
because when pain emerges
We suffocate
We embrace
We love
We laugh

My heart beats silent crushes
As I lust for your roots
to intertwine fucking my mental
As I lust for your branches
so my inner flows interconnect
With yours

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

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