Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Torturous Venom©

She sways her hips rhythmically
Like an egotist

She's like a
Torturous venom
One you can’t touch
Nor feel

An authoritarian
With a voice sounding like melodies
They worships her every being
Like sand to a sea
They beckon to be apart of her ocean

This torturous venom
Breaks heart
Intentionally seduces
Weak pussies
That can ride her face
From dusk till dawn
Without penetrating the souls
Of the unknown

She's begging for someone to tickle her fancy
But not ruin her controlling demeanor
Someone who she can manipulate in bed
Controlling their pussy
Making it hers to keep

This torturous venom
Met her match
One who silently intrudes
Upon her shrewd persona
One who fucked her mind
Mentally sucking her brain from reality
Fucked her fancy
Making her vulnerability struck
Heights and rivers
Only this disclaimer could endure

This disclaimer was a scorpion
She uses her tail
To elude that torturous facade
Having her whipped ass
Lapping up her pussy juices
Punishing her body
Creating new mysteries

She was possessed
By the jealous scorpion
That cunningly wraps her
Under a spell she wish
She could resurrect from
She’s a victim of a torturous venom

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

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