Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Our Eyes©

In her eyes
I conquer her world
Penetrating deep like no other

I touch the depth of her soul
Like fire to wounds
Conjuring fantasies
That becomes real
Cause her eyes depict only pain
that lasted years and years

I release her pain with
Words of truth
open her soul to how I love
Actions relive
Love understood

In her eyes
I'm number one
Suffocating me with her love
Breaching every law
illegally finding our truth
Our minds engrossed
To find this love
This love is special

In my eyes
She's my mystery
I was bound to love
Her reflective spirit
Flow deep from generation's tale
Encompassing knowledge to my truth
In our eyes
As we obey love's laws
We mirror love's love with no bounds

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson