Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Master©

I'm trapped by your chains
the way you punish me
love soaring in
makes insanity permeates 

I submit myself to you
like congress
i'm sworn into you
My Master

My Master controls every turning point of my being 
when thoughts come gushing down
roaring like a lion
and pussy pulsates
my Master takes the rein
controlling me once again

I release my energy over to you
I relinquish every power
vulnerability clock activates
There is no room to retaliate 

Ohhh my master
I wait for the day to relinguish all my juices
inside you
let it flow like days of rain
and rock like thunder
head pushes back
reaching for the heavens

Creating fuck storms between legs
Pussies slapping like crazy
Over wetting sheets
engrossed in illegal sex
that can't be written
merge like one
explode like i'm having an epiphany
fire flowing through me
like exorcism in progress

I won't be exile from this sweet torture
I won't beg
until then I'm all hers

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Torturous Venom©

She sways her hips rhythmically
Like an egotist

She's like a
Torturous venom
One you can’t touch
Nor feel

An authoritarian
With a voice sounding like melodies
They worships her every being
Like sand to a sea
They beckon to be apart of her ocean

This torturous venom
Breaks heart
Intentionally seduces
Weak pussies
That can ride her face
From dusk till dawn
Without penetrating the souls
Of the unknown

She's begging for someone to tickle her fancy
But not ruin her controlling demeanor
Someone who she can manipulate in bed
Controlling their pussy
Making it hers to keep

This torturous venom
Met her match
One who silently intrudes
Upon her shrewd persona
One who fucked her mind
Mentally sucking her brain from reality
Fucked her fancy
Making her vulnerability struck
Heights and rivers
Only this disclaimer could endure

This disclaimer was a scorpion
She uses her tail
To elude that torturous facade
Having her whipped ass
Lapping up her pussy juices
Punishing her body
Creating new mysteries

She was possessed
By the jealous scorpion
That cunningly wraps her
Under a spell she wish
She could resurrect from
She’s a victim of a torturous venom

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Wait©

I wait for the essence of mountain dew
To drip on our flesh
As we make love on the deck
Bodies rocking
As the board makes noises
Begging us to cum
So that it can rest in peace

I wait
For the rivers to run deep
as we go deep beneath
what we feel
falling freely just to be
in space and time
complete us

I wait for the touching of fingers
Like the sun waits for morning to lighten clouds
Fingertips on lips
Eager for long last kisses that we miss

I wait for lingering kisses along necks
As we explore each other
Like an artist with paints
As we sing melodies
And whisper secrets
Only we share

I wait for the ripping of sheets
And the slaps on ass
To create the sound that we make
As we fuck our way to heaven
Marking walls
Screaming on top of our lungs
Because we don’t give a fuck

I wait for the night to end
As we cuddle without words
Embracing the moment
Until I wait again 

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

The way©

The moment your skin touches my skin
The way your melancholy fragrance entice me
disturbing my mental
Perplexities beyond measure
Arousing sexual grievances
Because your pussy misses mine

Our love bound by one and acceptable by few

Nourish me with your love
you won't ever be
The bane of my existence
because when I look into your eyes
I see what's beyond
Mere fear of loving
Fear of forgiving
Fear of losing you within me

You satisfy me
With just one simple touch
When your kiss caress my kiss
And nose tingles ears
The way you look at me
Our soul permeates

The way we connect without words
Our minds elevates
As we climb higher with loves grace
We shine bright on dark days
because when pain emerges
We suffocate
We embrace
We love
We laugh

My heart beats silent crushes
As I lust for your roots
to intertwine fucking my mental
As I lust for your branches
so my inner flows interconnect
With yours

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson