Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rated P©

I know you've been marinating

I know you've been up thinking

That good pussy get you addicted

Overdose on it like extacy

This good pussy is the best pussy

Good pussy is the best pussy

The kinda pussy that have you on your knees kinda pussy

Crawling, licking your lips kinda pussy

Climbing mountains for this pussy

I ride your face

I know you like that

I ride that dick

Giving you that good pussy the way you like it

I go hard

Working that pussy for you last night

Some good pussy

No typical kinda pussy

A pussy that stands out from the rest

One that can take the pain and pleasure

One that last through summer and spring

Fall and Winter

No temporary pussy

Pussy for all season, for every reason

Good pussy is the best pussy!

My pussy under control

you know that won't happen

My pussy grinding in control

Sweating and moaning in control

Up against the wall in control

Yes! The kinda pussy that you have under control

A pussy that's so bad

You have a migraine after

Pussy good for your health

No vitamin can replace

No panadol can eradicate this good pussy

Pussy that you walk on water for

The kinda pussy you wanna feast on

Good pussy that you can see from a mile away

No temporary pussy

The ride or die kinda pussy

Pussy that you ride night and day

The kinda pussy that can go 220 miles per hour

Now that some good pussy

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm tempted to love you with my mind, body and soul

But you break down my body

While hanging on to my soul

Creating a illusion

Corrupting my mind

This misguided temptation....

I'm tempted to say I adore you

But I'm afraid that you might run scared of what might become

Because you wanna be free from

Any relationship that might tie you down

This deceitful temptation…..

I'm tempted to relinquish my thoughts

But I’m hurting

As I wallow in my pride

I can't bare to you see you walk away

I can’t bare to see you leave

Not now when I’m tumbling

Not now when I need you the most

Even in the depth of my misery

This consequential temptation…..

I'm tempted to look deep in your eyes

Feel your emotion

Show my devotion

Instead I built a wall

On top of your wall

We build houses as high as our fears consume us

This crazy temptation….

I'm tempted to come close to you

But your energy breaks me down

Feels like I'm losing you

Each time you come around

I pretend you don't affect me

I pretend you don't make me shiver

Fuck just smelling your scent makes me cum quicker

This lustful temptation….

I'm tempted to hold your hands

But I couldn't reach out and touch it

My mind reiterates all that I want you to know

But my heart conceal the fact that I miss you more

This crazy temptation

How can I say this to you?

When you're not even mine!!!

This temptation......

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Truth Is©

Truth is

Looking at you with total admiration

Sinking deep within you

Beneath you

Engulfed in your warmth

Truth is

Your fingers running down my back

Kissing every inch of my ass till

I squirt and cum…

And cum…

And cum….

Its never ending

Truth is

Your eyes piercing my soul

Reading my thoughts

Tracing my heart

With every vessel that belongs to you

Truth is

The cries at night

From your past

That ceases to pass you evidently

Bringing out the monster in you

Truth is

The lie you once told

Escaping to her

Facing your fear




Caught in this truth