Sunday, December 13, 2009

Truth Is©

Truth is

Looking at you with total admiration

Sinking deep within you

Beneath you

Engulfed in your warmth

Truth is

Your fingers running down my back

Kissing every inch of my ass till

I squirt and cum…

And cum…

And cum….

Its never ending

Truth is

Your eyes piercing my soul

Reading my thoughts

Tracing my heart

With every vessel that belongs to you

Truth is

The cries at night

From your past

That ceases to pass you evidently

Bringing out the monster in you

Truth is

The lie you once told

Escaping to her

Facing your fear




Caught in this truth


Rootsology1000minds said...

Somehow no matter what you write....your poetic words always take me straight to passionate dances behind closed doors!

Anonymous said...

Grace continue to being nakedly truthful

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