Sunday, October 24, 2010

24 hours

24 hours of you
Just 24 hours I have, so I will cherish it with you

No tears please
This is not good bye
But the beginning of who we are in this time
All we got is now

If 24 hours is what we got
I wish they would cut it in 1/4 and stretch it like elastic bands
Cuz being with someone like you should take forever

No 24 hours is not enough
How I can fight to make you stay
I lied we should at least shed a little tears
Cause I will miss you when night turns into day
And u'd have to go away from me

I can't have enough of you in 24 hours
But it's what we got
So penetrate the best part of me
so u'll stay permanent
Like tattoo to skin

If we take long walks
Dig up graves where we bury our memories
We may never meet again
So lets reminisce on what we had
Lets wear this promise ring

See you have to go
And even though I don't know where
This is what we got now
So let us spend it with scented candles
and running river by the park
It's the last time I'll see your smile
Smell your skin
And bask in ur eternity
So as 24 hours comes to an end
Wishful thinking sinks in
Because this is the last night....

Inspired by "If Tonight is My Last. By Laura Izibor"

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson


Eqlektik said...

24 hours to eternity....The wishing and the hoping, the desire to change what is, to what used to be. Nice piece

Dee O. said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! I loved it :)


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