Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ink Erotica©

You came through the door
right in time
I wore my 5 inch red stiletto heels
Long legs covered with fishnets

I watched you walk across the room
Dropping your jacket
Unbuttoned your shirt
Exposing that chocolate inked skin

I watched you in the mirror
Our eyes met
Just like the first time
The intensity shown
That you needed my pussy to wet your cock
And sing sweet melodies in your ear
While I beg you to fuck me there

You approached me
My back to your chest
Your scent tickled my pussy
And you know this
I touched myself
You tasted my fingers
You touched me from behind
And I licked my juices from your fingers, like an hungry child

Your tongue became the ink
Used to paint my body
You worship it like Israel’s temple
Like slaves in the early days
You worked me hard but gentle

Positions toppled with pain and pleasure
While I come in more ways than one
My ink juices spill on your chocolate tone skin
As we break away in sin

When the sun rises
We replay the night's scene
Like a popular song
We are number one
But as soon as the ink dries
We go back to being
Just friends

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson


Susie McCray said...

Wow, this really grabbed my attention. I think I need to make a phone call. LOL

Thanks for sharing.

GangstaGent said...

Oh damn this sounds so much like one of my own poems :) here the link

we should do a collab one day ;)

Eqlektik said...

Sounds like a friend with benefits. An intensely sensuous piece.

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