Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portrayed Thoughts

I miss the aroma that usually lingers when you are near
the way the water drips along your naked skin
Radiance seduce even the fragrance you wear
Then you wonder why I’m stoked
Fumbled by the way you stare
Your eyes digging through my flesh
But I’m not hurt

In essence, I’m prone to the danger you possess, WITH love
If it's illegal, then I’ll the suck the very breath out of you
Then savour it
Climb Mystique Mountains
Dangle with the wind
Grieve in your absence
Write your name on my "walls"
Even the ones that throbs when you touch my inner soul

I partake in your presence
I subdue the very body you prey open so I can devour
Traces my ink upon your skin
We’re in-sync without words or music
We intertwine with the melody of a promiscuous melody
Only we can fathom

The intrinsic light that you portray
Makes my presence remains attracted to your beam
Detach the indispose
Crave the unknown
While in solace we seal the vibration

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson


Ink of Passion said...

"Radiance seduce even the fragrance you wear" This is Wicked!
This is an Incredible Piece! There's so much seduction ans substance in this, gripping .. I love it


colours of sweet emotions harmoniously sprinkled...great!

Jessy said...

dis left me with a warm feeling deep down..:-)

Reggie said...

Very very nice.

Sarah Allen said...

Beautiful! so seductive.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

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