Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Flow Mind@

You don't know what you've done to me
You inconspicuous peasant
You've ripped out a part of my soul
that cannot be replaced

You're forever tattooed in my mind
the more I scrape you from my chest
the more you grow like a flower
blooming in my garden

Your face remain a constant imagery

captivating by memories
I wish it wasn't so beautiful
your eyes piercing the depth of my being
your smile igniting my thoughts

I can't fathom this love
It drives me insane
sometimes I can't stand
that I want you
but you sabotage this body
making it yours to keep

I need to erase you from my thoughts
you incoherent bastard
you've done enough damage
to burn this empty inconsistent soul

I wanna break free from loving you
free from weeping at nights
free from the venoms of your soul
so I can love again
so today
I will face you, my fears
yet again for the
200th day
7 hours
6 minutes
and 20 seconds

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OMG!30soon said...

woooooo!! i feel like you are speaking my thoughts. Amazing post! excellent blogspot

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