Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Temporary Fix©

You ravage my space

Penetrating my walls

With reasons obscure

Your intentions

Were clearly planned out

Except I was oblivious

I wrap my legs around your mind

Thinking you're so fine

Fumbled with thoughts

Wondering are you gonna be mine

My chest hurt

Pulse raised

My thoughts were engrossed

I got numb

In a good way

I was speechless

I was dumb


When you're around

Afraid to relinquish my thoughts

Afraid I'd made a mistake

I thought I was getting sick

But the feeling was too real

And once familiar

My body responded to yours

Feigning for your every touch

The way you ease in and out my pussy

Igniting my soul

Veins popping

Loosing control

Fuck! It was temporary

Fuck you

For fucking me so endlessly

Fuck you

For your lack of vulnerability

Fuck you

For fucking up my meds vigorously

Fuck me

For my weakness

But this temporary fix

Was pseudo

In your eyes

But not in mind

Fuck this temporary fix....


Don said...

Hmmm. LOL. I am speechless. A shift in emotions while reading this fabulous prose left me this way.

Good stuff.

DeepFixation said...

Thanks hon..glad you like it!!

Ink of Passion said...

!GRAND! Raw Artistic Pattern, the invasion of your privacy was felt from the first line!

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