Saturday, March 6, 2010

His Affair..My Enjoyment©

There he goes

Sneaking his whipped ass out of my bed

He climbed out slowly

Knowing not to disturb me

He tip toed into the bathroom

Taking up every trail of his clothing

I smile evidently

My bed looking rugged

Watched him sneak out the door

So that he can jump into hers

Rubbing my scent in her bed

Climbing in at 4am

So the sunlight can shine upon their faces

Hiding the discretions that he pleads he fears

The lies that scroll through those doors

Are like the thief in the night

That comes unknowingly and steals a prized possession

But a oblivious wife

That honours her vows

And a husband who

Make his lies the truth

John “where were you”

“Clubbing with the boys honey”

A lie he told many times before

With that guilty look on his bland face

Hmm the “boys”

She must have wondered

If he’s fucking one of the boys

The wife he so cherished

Became the wife he hurt the most

The love of his life

His honour

But something was lacking there

He professed how much he loves her

BUT not enough to fuck someone else

He seeks pleasure in my pussy

I seek pleasure from his dick

Am I wrong because he wears an evil wedding band?

That he thinks he cherish?

No! But he speaks to my body

Like no one else can

I don’t love him

I love his body

His eyes

The way he plays those records on my body

Touching every string

Igniting every cell in my body

The way he fucks me there

BUT; I don’t love him

I don’t respect him

How can I when he doesn’t respect his home

I only seek pleasure from what he gives

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