Saturday, November 6, 2010

Battle With Love©

There is a battle with love that I can't win
And even when seasons change
Love shows its face
With that obvious tear in the middle

They say love remains the same
Is it
Or our combined despisement
That deter us from going in the right direction
Even the places we visit
Shows love in a different term
Like oblivious folks who mix T H E R E for T H E I R

Well I need love there
Where ever there may be
To guide my being into
Something significant

I need it here
So I can feel love
so we can sift through our baggage
that suffocates us 

There is this battle with love
That I can't win
It makes me hide my sense of self
So that you can't prey into this useless soul 
How you make me feel
Cause then u'll win
And I lose
That's something this foolish heart won't take

There is this battle with love
That WE can't win
Cause we are mentally derailed
Like two broken chairs
Setting in the corner
Mumbling I don't care

So how can we win
When it's
Who won't let love in

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson


JSin said...

Great poem. Thanks for sharing.

I really like your blog. Some fellow bloggers and myself are involved in a movement to help bloggers unite and share our writing and works with the world. If you are interested in participating or learning more about it please contact me ( Thanks!

Ink of Passion said...

Very felt wording, i felt as if i was suffocated by love and the area between the distance... Love it

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