Friday, April 2, 2010


Loving you from a distance is fine with me
having you near will cause a catastrophe
I detest the way your scent is crawling inside of me
Pulsating through my skin

I'm moved by your essence
Your wittiness
mixed with the jealousy you portrayed
But yet distance is imperative

Oh how I need you here
My presence obliges
But yet this temporary feeling
Just the way you lure me in
Like a venom
That purges inside my heart
death is near
But you keep me a live

My humble friend
But my deceitful enemy

I ache to love you from a distance
because having you close causes a rupture
A rupture
From my toes to my thighs
From my thighs to my pussy
From my pussy to my brain

You see this distance
Is holding us back
But pushes us forward
To relinquish this fear
Of loving and hating
Of the mind
The universe despise us
Yet believes in us

I'm loving you from a distance
Down to the core
Like antidote
I don't wanna be release from
Like a drug
I don't wanna relapse from

This distance is killing me
While you're surviving
I'm suffocating
While you're still breathing

This treacherous space
Between here and there
Forces to close
But this distance
Restricts us
Enabling us to leap
In existing bodies
This distance…..


Rootsology1000minds said...

WOW I like this....distance in a way can be good but a distance between lovers is bad and in time may soon make the relationship die like a withered flower.

It takes strong minds to stay afloat or else someone will sink & drown.

Eqlektik said...

Reminds me of that old school love song....."This distance between us,I can't get you off my mind" Been in one of these relationships before and it was bittersweet to say the least. Your words expertly conveyed the emotional turmoil.

Passion said...

Very powerful writing, The metaphors are sick "Just the way you lure me in
Like a venom...That purges inside my heart...death is near...But you keep me a live" love this, I feel Agony of the distance yet Optimism for the strength the distance brings..

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