Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Afflicter©

His words penetrated my body

Causing bruises to split open yet again

Blood gushing like knife to a neck

he rants, walking madly throughout the house

Cursing his Jamaican language

The more I became numb

The more he got turned on

He grabs my throat, demanding me to speak

Or forever hold my piece

He started kissing me intensely

Even that hurt immensely

The way his tongue

Made love to my wounded body

Like paint to canvases

But that hatred love

That you can feel down to the core

For his bitter ego he wanted more

He wanted more of what I couldn't give

He battered my face mentally

Cuz he’s the only one who causes affliction

To the inflicted

Not realizing he’s conflicted

From past fears eating him out

Deciphering my next move, but he's one step ahead

When it's all said and done

I might be the one end up dead

I'm stuck with this never ending affliction

That is manipulated by mysteries

We marinated in each others sadness

Then made love without eagerness

We are the afflicter and the afflicted


Eqlektik said...

An interesting piece no doubt.....The afflicter and the afflicted.....Violence and shared anguish. The symbiotic relationship between perpetrator and victim.

Don said...

Incredible prose. Painted a vivid emotional picture. Extremely.

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