Monday, May 24, 2010

My Diary©

My mind is "My Diary"
Where all thoughts, imaginations,
actions are kept locked away
I rewrite all my secrets to my mind
Pouring out my entire soul,
Because it’s the only one I know will keep them
Even when the world doesn't understands
I can sit with my diary
We analyze life together, the world as it is!
We make decisions
My diary
My possession
My obsession 

When I’ve been abandoned,
thrown away, scared, afraid
I can count on my dairy, to keep me safe
It’s my solace….My history
My memories… My companion
The one that hurts when I hurt
Knows when I’m about to cry
When I morph
Being happy, sad 

And even when I’m being a bad, bad girl
My diary celebrates with me
Experience life with me
Its like my skin, it’s always with me
When I’m being good, it encourages me to conquer
Cheering me to don't stop, aim high 

When my mood is at a high
I can choose what chapter of my diary to read
I skip; uproot deep dark memories just to fit any occasion
And even if some secrets are being faded,
forgotten my diary present itself
I'm wrapped around my diary
I crave every inch
Especially when I’m in lusting mood
Because only my dairy can tell you
When that sweet nectar starts to run
Get high, wanting every inch of a human being
My dairy can tell you my true feelings
When I’m lost for words
When I’m shy
And if for any reason someone taps in
They will see things just the way they are
No pretense 

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