Friday, May 28, 2010

Please Don't Go©

The thought of you leaving
Only opens up crack holes deep
It only makes me pop the pills on 3
Staggering mentally
Downhill of idiocrasies
Please, please don’t go
Don’t you see how much I love you?

I’ve loved you more than myself
I’ve loved you from midnight to midday
I’ve loved you the moment
You fucked me in my bed
My love is priceless
Yet death is the lines we walk

Baby please don’t go
Because these chains I don’t wanna break
This heart I don’t wanna ache
These scars are too permanent
For someone else to bare

So bare with me
Throughout my flaws and fears
With my 10 feet baggage
Dragging along the stairs

With your love
Help me to cure this disease
Because only you can explore
This heart on repeat

While I scream “please don’t go”
You storm out the door
To seek a show
Now our neighbours
Justify their assumption
That we are vagabonds
That fights war and tribulation

You echoed in the street
Your forbidden love for me
The nights you’ve cheated
Somehow that didn’t affected me
Because we are one and the same
In the cheating department

So I begged you to stay
But the more I scream in different octaves
The faster you ran away
From this miserable home
That you desperately wanna break

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson


Eqlektik said...

Strangely enough the title reminded me of that song by the same name by 70's 80's group Chicago. Your words brought a visceral quality to the piece.....Much immediacy with a plaintive kind of dependency.

Ink of Passion said...

You paint vivid powerless emotions... and understanding of consequence "because we are one ande same in the cheating department".. Your words/sroty/poetry paints heavy images

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