Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Addiction With an Extension©

The word has been used
In more clichéd context
Like dick to pussy

But this addiction
Goes deeper than
Staggering in jail cells
Tightening belts to arms
Just to get a release

This addiction....
Seeping through body cells
And tissue just to find it's way to me
Screwing my brain with surgeries
Because it can't get enough of me

The mental stimulation
Travels from 3000 miles
There are times when I can't deny
That this addiction has taken over me
I'm staggering helplessly

This addiction
Penetrates me illegally
Wetting panties
Illusions becomes real
Because I'm so high physically
And the fuck
Cremates dead bodies
Bringing them alive with ecstasy

This addiction
Has not been diagnosed yet
It's rare in silence
Yet dangerous in my presence
Doctors haven't listed it on their papers
No prescription to buy yet
Because this addiction is only for me

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

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Ink of Passion said...

I could feel the words and feel the images you create, the addiction sounds poisonous but with a satisfying aspect, "No prescription to buy yet, Because this addiction is only for me" this is Heavy.... Love it

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