Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poetry Invasion©

Poetry caresses my skin
Penetrate me the way you enter my being
Invade me like a plague
Like police checking for contraband
Hands rubbing up against crevices
Sexual harassment with nothing but sex

Like swarming bees
Like poison ivy
Taking space in your mind
Playing with your mental
While at the same time stimulating sweet pussy

It encompass my being no extent, no limit
It opens up my soul
The way my walls open up to receive your love
Your love of high graces
Like kings and queens in high places

Poetry ignites every fire
Beyond any flame
The way heat passes through my body when you are near
Taking space in your mind
Chewing away at your thoughts
Unexpected ecstasy
Where no man or woman has been
Untraceable for any doctor to see

Brand new on the market
Insanity is the new normalcy
What don't look good feels even better
Between sheets
Where bodies dance in heat
Invaded love
Like purring cats to legs
Pussy power fuck up minds
Now its wanted all the time
And sneaks up like tornados to grounds
Tearing up things
Poetry that captures hearts
In Sin........

By Grace Aitcheson and Kala Brown aka Rootsology

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