Monday, April 12, 2010

Rough Sex©

It’s on tonight

We gonna have this crazy love

First we gotta get the lime light

Candle light

So I can watch your body doing me right

You got the whip

because I missed the beatings

My ass is ready

Can you handle this position?

Baby work me good

Till the sun comes up

I don't mind

If my pussy gets bruised up...

You're teasing me

Because you know it drives me crazy...

I grab your neck

Let you u know I ain't playing...

It’s on tonight

We gonna have this crazy love

Finger fucking

Pussy eating positions

Bites against cheeks

Scratches on back

Like we having a dog fight

I worked your body

Baby you look like a bitch

And I love that

You took control

Tie me against the bed

Ass in the air

I felt the pain

The pleasure was even more excruciating

I flex my muscles

Make you cum quicker

I gotta do something to weaken your demeanor

I'm vindictive even in the sack

I gotta get you where I want to

It’s on tonight

We gonna have this crazy love

Faced between my legs

You licked my pussy in return

That's your defense

Now I'm the bitch and you love that

Have me screaming and moaning

Grinding on your face

Nectar flowing from the bed to the floor

When I'm about to explode

You stick your dick in

Kissed my back

Making me scream on top of my lungs

Fuck the neighbours

I bet they are jealous too

The more you throb

The more louder my screams get

In a distance we hear the cop car

I explode just before they come to get us

They urgently called us down

Eager to rescue the damage goods

We both open the door and said sir 'the rough sex was good'


Eqlektik said...

A sumptuous erotic feast.....

Jason B.D.K. Alliman said...

this poem just reads like an honest portrayal of a night of 'rough sex'. gritty and highly descriptive, it pulled no punches... and i truly enjoyed that it managed to remain artistic while being erotic. good job.

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