Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ode To Waiting©

I waited for your touch
Hold on with tenacity
Waited like the eagerness of a long
Stroked dick to pussy

Submerge my soul
This waiting game
I can't win
Not out like a deadly cricket match

No kiss
No touch
No sweet sex
Bed rocking
Bodies slapping
Ready to explode
No morning laughter
No face to face 'I love you's'

I waited for your smile
But like a ghost's reflection
You disappeared in thin air
Where did you go?
I wanted to journey with you
See flashing lights
Explore galleries
Watch you speak
While I come in my seat

I waited for you
But like the time travelers wife
We shifted a few centuries
Disturbing my mental
Turn them into idiocrasies

Is this my Ode to love; life?
We have our paths
So lets live it
And savour the memories
This is my Ode to waiting

Written and copyright by: Grace Aitcheson

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Eqlektik said...

What an ode indeed.

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